The Best MOBA/MMO Gaming Mice

In a past post I talked to you about getting the right mouse for gaming. That post can be found Here. Now, I want to take it to the next stage. For those wanting a good MOBA/MMO mouse, I want to do a comparison to help you chose the perfect mouse so that you can have the best gaming experience.

To me, there is two kinds of “Moba/MMO mice”. There are the standard grid buttons type, and there are new more hybrid style ones. A hybrid MOBA mouse is one that has slightly less buttons, but they are organized better in a way that its easier to accurately and quickly press the buttons. These are similar a FPS style mouse, but with more buttons. FPS mice have only two buttons on the side, but are meant to be able to quickly press the right ones. So a hybrid mouse has the well placed side buttons of a FPS mouse, while having more, to try and be the best of both worlds.

Standard MOBA/MMO Mice

3 mice lined up

There are many options to chose from for a standard grid button layout mouse. The top three to me though, are the Corsair Scimitar, Razer Naga Chroma, and the Logitech G600. These are all very similar mice. They are very similar in size and grip style (palm or claw grip should work for most people), they have the same amount of side grid buttons, all have software, ability to adjust DPI on the fly, and so on. Here are the key notable differences.

The Corsair Scimitar- The main thing to note about the Scimitar is that the side button grid can be slid forward or backward to adjust the position of the grid to perfectly fit your hand. With the nature of grid buttons and having them be harder to hit then a couple large buttons like on a fp2 mouse, this adjustment is a very nice perk and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Corsair Scimitar on Amazon

buttonsThe Logitech G600- This mouse also has a slightly special button layout. They call it the “Dual Dish” button layout. The actual design is hard to explain perfectly so just see the picture above. The point in this style button layout is to improve your ability to quickly and accurately press the desired button over a standard grid layout.

Logitech G600 on Amazon

I don’t have a ton to say about the Naga. It looks amazing, and its not a bad mouse. I don’t own one and I’m not a massive Razer fan so I cant give you a ton of detail on it but its still a good option and worth researching. Also if you have a Razer keyboard or other Razer products it can be good to go all Razer so that you can sync your RGB from all your devices to match.

Razer Naga Chroma on amazon

Hybrid Moba/MMO mice

There are two hybrid mice I know of worth checking out. These have less buttons overall, but the buttons are much more ergonomic then a grid, making these a better option as long as you won’t be lacking in buttons.

One is the SteelSeries Rival 500. It haRival500readys a button layout similar to a FPS mouse, but with extra buttons below and above and one to the back of the main two center buttons, seven buttons in total.  Although there are more buttons and therefore you need to be more careful to not press the wrong button compared to a FPS mouse, the layout makes them much easier to press accurately then a standard grid mouse. This makes it a excellent middle ground mouse for someone who wants a fps mouse but still wants more buttons.

Steelseries Rival 500 on Amazon

The other more hybrnaga hex readyid mouse is the Razer Naga Hex. It has the same amount of side buttons as the Rival 500 (seven) but a much different layout. Instead of being like a fps mouse with extra buttons around it, it is a empty center, and the buttons go around the center point in a hex shape. This makes it more of the opposite side of the Rival, where the Rival is a fps mouse with more buttons, the Hex is a MOBA/MMO mouse with less buttons that are easier to hit accurately. By having no buttons in the middle and having them go around the center in a circle, it is easier to accurately hit the button of choice.

Razer Naga Hex on Amazon


In conclusion, there are two different types of MOBA/MMO mice. Standard and hybrid. Both are good options and with practice can be excellent gaming tools. If you play MMO’s or games that need a lot of buttons and you don’t need to be ultra fast and pinpoint, the standard grid layout will be fine. If you want your mouse to have a lot of buttons while still maintaining speed and accuracy, one of the hybrid mice could be an excellent investment. Also please note that there are other mice out there I didn’t mention that are also good, but I cant cover every mouse out there, and the ones in this post are all known and reputable.

As usual, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below, and feel free to help out and share this on social media. Thanks for reading!



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