The Best Budget PC Gaming Build

Today I bring you the final part of my Creating the Ultimate PC Gaming Setup series. The PC builds. This post will be the budget build (around 500 dollars). If you have a higher budget then feel free to check out my Medium Price or Maximum Performance build posts. This is meant more for beginners to building gaming PC’s, although there could be something to learn for those of you who are more experienced with building PC’s. Please note that although this is a basic build list for someone wanting to build a gaming PC, I’m not teaching you how to build it. This you will need to learn on your own, but I will provide you with links to good sources of information. A excellent source of reliable PC info is Linus Tech Tips. Also feel free to check out this Beginners Guide, or check out this video below.

To start off, I want to give a disclaimer about budget PC builds. This build is on the fine line of quality and cost. If you drop the cost more to be more budget, you will usually have to cut something important which will significantly lower your performance. This build isn’t maximum performance, but that’s what happens when you are on a budget. That being said, this build should be able to play any games you want fairly well for the lowest possible cost.

Another thing to note, is that because I’m not teaching you how to build a PC, I’m not going to go into the highest detail on the parts. I will give reasoning on the parts when needed, but understanding your parts is important, so feel free to do your own research to learn about the different parts of your build, or ask a question below.

The Core of the build

ryzen 3 pngAMD Ryzen 3

So I know what you might be thinking. “But AMD is trash”. Now, I understand where your coming from, but hear me out. AMD’s new Ryzen processors are really good, especially for budget builds. Think of it this way. Intel has been on top for a while now, and because they pretty much own the market they can up their price. Think of the name brand effect. Good product, but higher cost then necessary. AMD isn’t a name brand like Intel so they need to give results to make you want to buy their product. AMD’s new processors give high performance at a low cost.

Spec wise, the Ryzen 3 has double the cores of the Intel i3, having four cores instead of two. This makes it much better at multitasking. The i3 has higher clock speed which gives slightly better gaming performance, but the Ryzen 3 can be overclocked if needed which removes that problem, while retaining being better at everything else.

Ryzen 3 on Amazon

1050 pngMSI GeForce GTX 1050ti Graphics Card

The 1050ti is known as a solid budget graphics card. It gives good performance with a relatively low cost. There’s cheaper cards, but I won’t recommend anything lower because in the end performance is important and I don’t want to recommend anything that performs poorly. There would be some good AMD alternatives like the RX 460 but thanks to bitcoin farmers, AMD cards have gone up more then Nvidia cards, shrinking the price gap making them no longer worth buying for the performance.

MSI GeForce GTX 1050ti

The rest of the build

MSI B350 Motherboard

This build uses a MSI B350 motherboard, which is matched to use an AMD processor. Not the most expensive motherboard, but is still quality. Remember that your motherboard needs to match your processor, so if you plan to upgrade in the future to a Ryzen 5 or 7 this motherboard will still work. Also, it has 4 ram slots, so you can also get more Ram if you want to later on.

MSI B350 PC MATE AM4 AMD on Amazon


This build uses two 4GB sticks of DDR4 ram made by Ballstix. It is cheaper to get two sticks of 4GB then buy one 8GB stick, and two sticks of 4GB ram perform better due to being run in dual channel mode.b Its not a ton of memory but for normal gaming is plenty.

Ballstix Sport LT 8GB on Amazon

1tb drive pngHard Drive

Next is the hard drive. We chose a WD Blue 1TB hard disk drive. This is pretty self explanatory. 1TB is a good amount of storage space, and its not too expensive. Normal disk drives have much more storage space for the cost than solid state drives.

WD Blue 1TB Hard Disk on Amazon

Power supply

This build is powered by a EVGA 500b Bronze power supply. Its a good brand, and it gets the job done. Better power supply’s exist, but it won’t effect your actual performance so I wouldn’t worry about it for a budget build.

EVGA 500B Bronze Power Supply on Amazon

Casecase png

Lastly, the Case. All of your parts go in the nice Deepcool TESSERACT BF ATX case. Its not the most flashy case ever, but it also comes in at a very low cost. It comes with a fan, dust filters, and features a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 port. Feel free to customize your build and get a nicer case if you want to, but it will up the cost.

Deepcool Case on Amazon


Overall, this is an excellent PC build for those on a budget. If you want to get into PC gaming but don’t want to spend too much money, this is the build for you. You should be able to play all modern games pretty easily. Some at higher graphics settings then others, depending on how well the games are optimized, but you will be able to play anything you want without needing to worry about if you can run the game well. If you want to spend more to make a higher end build, then don’t worry, we have made builds for you too (Medium Price, and Maximum Performance).

Also, a special thanks to my brother for helping me perfect this build!

Please feel free to comment or debate over anything found in this post down below or on our social media, and thanks for reading!

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