The Best Electric Unicycle / Monocycle’s

Greetings friends. Today I want to talk about what the best electric unicycles / monocycles are. I feel like these are an excellent yet under rated mode of transportation.

Why electric Unicycle?

Some of you who didn’t find this post while looking for it may be wondering, “why would I want to ride around on a unicycle?”, which is a very good question. There are many reasons. Just like Hoverboards and Electric Longboards, they are rechargeable modes of transportation that are much easier and faster than walking. Each of these different portable vehicles have their own pro’s and cons.Unicycles are the hardest of the three to carry around when you aren’t riding it, and they are the hardest to learn how to ride. They have some massive benefits though. Due to their large size, they can have the highest top speed and longest range (in the higher end models). For longer commutes, this can be extremely good. They have the largest wheel size, making it an extra smooth ride over any imperfections in the road or even off roading. They are harder to learn how to ride, but with some practice you will be cruising in no time. If it sounds like you may prefer one of the others, check out my other pages The Best Hoverboards / Self Balancing Scooters or The Best Electric Longboards.

Best Beginner Electric Unicycle – Segway One S1

The Segway One S1 is sega excellent lower cost beginner electric Unicycle. It is made by Segway, so from the start you know you are getting a quality product. It has a top speed of 12.5 mph, with a max rang of 15 miles. Its not the fastest unicycle around, but this still makes it a much easier and faster way to get around than walking. It has a 4 hour charge time, so you definitely want to charge it in advance. It may not have the highest spec’s, but that comes with a good upside. It only weighs 25 pounds. For electric unicycles, this is pretty light. The foot pads can fold up and when you lift the carry handle it disables the motors so you can easily carry it around and up stairs and such.

Like most electric unicycles and hoverboards, the Segway One S1 has a custom app that you can connect to via Bluetooth. It can give you many details, like tell you your top speed, and check your remaining battery. It also can be used to customize some features, like your lighting color. This isnt overly important, but it is still a nice feature and the lights can be important to be visible at night.Although sadly, the S1 doesnt have a headlight, so if you want to ride at night you should attach your own light (which can be easily done by zip tying a flashlight to the carry handle at your desired angle).  You can also set a top speed, which is good for beginners learning how to ride.

Overall the Segway One S1 is a great electric unicycle for beginners or anyone not wanting to break the bank. It has a low cost for e unicycle standards, and still gives a extremely high quality experience from a brand that you know wont send you a defective product.

It can be found here on amazon Segway One S1


-12.5 mph max speed

-15 Mile range

-25 lb weight

-4 hours charge time (longer than usual)

-Max carry weight 220 pounds

-lifting handle disables motor to carry around

-Lights customization with the free custom app

-No headlight (con)

-UL2272 certified

-app can view battery life, mileage, tweak speed limit modes

Best Mid Tier Electric Unicycle – King Song 14D

ks14dThe King Song 14D is just a straight step above the Segway One S1, but it also comes at a moderately higher cost. The 14D has a higher top speed of 18.6 mph (although it scales down as your battery gets lower, starting at 50% for the 14D). The 14D has a max range of 15-20 miles, although note that it slows down a bit at the end so realistically you still only want to go like 20. It has a max carry weight of 240lb, and still only weighs 27.5 lb’s.

The KS 14D is also feature packed. As usual, it has a custom app to adjust settings. While connected to bluetooth, you can use the built in speakers to play music or listen to videos. The carry handle is multi use, and can either be used to pick up the unicycle, or it extends out to roll it like a suite case. The foot plates can fold up, and it even has some padding for your ankles to reduce soreness from pressing your ankles against the device over long periods. Lastly, it has a built in headlight to make it much more safe to ride at night. These last two features along with the improved range and speed are what make it really shine over the Segway One S1, making it worth its higher price tag.

It can be found here on ewheels.


-18.6 mph to speed (but scales down as battery drops below 50%)

-15-20 mile max range

-240 lb max carry weight

-27.5 lb weight

-custom app for adjusting settings and lighting

-Built in Bluetooth speakers

-multi use extending carry handle

-Ankle padding

Improved distance Mid Tier – King song 14S

ks14sNot going too in depth with this one because it is just the King Song 14D but with a bigger battery and more cost. I wanted to add this to the list to be a in between of the 14D adn the one after. The main difference with the 14S is that it wont start to lower the max speed until 32% charge and down, and it has a larger capacity. So this means you can go significantly farther at top speed. It has a 25-30 mile range over the 14D’s 15-20. The down side is the weight goes up to 34 lb’s from the larger battery, so it starts to hit that point where its harder to carry around if needed.

It can be found here on ewheels.

Long Distance – King Song 16S

ks16sThe King Song 16S is the more powerful higher battery capacity King Song 14 series. It has a top speed of 22 mph, and a much longer max range of 34-50 miles. Its a pretty rough range estimate, but it depends on user weight and terrain, so its hard to perfectly estimate. It weighs a good deal more, at 38 lb’s, so its much harder to carry around. The increased weight is from the much larger batteries and improved motor.

The rest of the features are the same as the other King songs, so I don’t want to go too in depth repeating the same features.

It can be found here on ewheels.


-22 mph max speed

-34 to 50 mile max range

-38 lb weight

-Ankle pads to reduce strain over long rides

-Custom app to adjust settings and lighting

-Front and tail lights for riding at night

-Extendable carry handle to wheel it around when not riding.

-Built in Bluetooth Speakers

Maximum Range and Speed – Gotway Tesla

tesla2The Gotway Tesla is what you buy when you want maximum speed and range. There are Gotways you can get with even bigger batteries for more range, but riding over 50 miles on an electric unicycle is really pushing the reason to buy a electric unicycle to begin with, because riding over 50 miles on a unicycle sounds not very ideal to say the least.

The Gotway Tesla has a extremely fast top speed of 30 mph. To top it off, it has a max range of 40-50 miles, depending on your weight and terrain. The down side of these amazing specs is it weighs 42 lb’s, so its effeminately harder then the others to carry around if you need to. It does haev a retractable handle to help wheel it around though, so that helps with the high weight. It can carry up to 325 lb’s weight, so if you are a larger rider this is a good option for you. Like the others, it has a custom app for adjusting settings, although it doesnt have Bluetooth speakers like many of the others. Lets be honest though, you don’t buy a super expensive electric unicycle to use it as speakers.

It can be found here on ewheels.


-Max speed of 30 mph

-Max range of 40-50 miles

-42 lb weight

-325 lb max carry capacity

-Retractable carry handle

-Custom app for adjusting settings

-Built in headlight, no tail light


There are many more electric unicycles than the ones I just listed, but I feel like this list has an ideal option for every need you have in an electric unicycle. Also a thing to note, is that these options are up to date, while many of the recommendations you may find on other sites are older and discontinued or out of stock.

I hope this helped you find the perfect electric unicycle! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below. Thanks for reading!

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