The Best Hoverboards / Self Balancing Scooters

Hello friends. Today I want to talk to you about what I think are the currently the best electric hoverboards, AKA, self balancing scooters. While reading, keep in mind that the definition of “the best” depends on the goal of the hoverboard. The best cheap hoverboard is not going to be as good as some of the more expensive ones. But it is still “the best” for the budget option, and so on.

Why Get A Hoverboard?

In case you have found this post without actually researching hoverboards, you may be asking yourself, whats good about them? Like most electric transportation devices, hoverboards are a much easier way to get around roads and sidewalks than walking. Going an easy 10 mph for around 10+ miles (speed and range vary depending on model) is a lot easier and faster then walking or running.  Also, hoverboards are very easy to learn how to use, compared to electric longboards and unicycles, which have a more steep learning curve.

Easiest to Ride & Longest Range – Segway MiniPRO


The Segway MinoPRO is a excellent hover board, although the most expensive on this list. What sets this one apart from the other hoverboards is how it controls. You turn by pushing the knee control bar in between your legs. It might sound awkward, but the control bar is positioned so that when you lean left or right you naturally push it. This makes the learning curve even easier, because you don’t need to worry about accidentally turning if you have bad balance and accidentally push differently with either feet.

Performance wise, the Segway MiniPRO lacks in no areas. It has a top speed of 10 mph (16 km/h), and a maximum ranger of 14 miles (22 km). It can also support a ride of up to 220 pounds (100 kg). It has large 10 inch air filled wheels, giving a smooth ride capable of covering rough terrain when needed. It is also UL 2272 certified, which is a safety certification meaning its not going to be lighting on fire and ending up on the news like the old original hoverboards. It is even bluetooth controllable, with the app, and can be locked with the app, so nobody can try to steal and ride it. It has head and tail lights, and the control bar doubles as a handle to carry, and can be removed for easier storage. Although, weighing in at 37 pounds, its pretty heavy so you definitely want to ride it over carrying it.


-10 mph top speed (16 km/h)

-14 mile max range (22 km)

-220 pounds max carry weight (100 kg)

-10 inch air filled wheels (26 cm wheels)

-UL 2722 certified (safety certification)

-37 pounds (16.7 kg)

-head and tail lights for use in low light

-Special App with Bluetooth connection to customize settings

-Disables wheel movement when picked up by the handle for easy carrying

Segway MiniPRO on Amazon

Best Budget Hoverboard – TOMOLOO

Tomoloo png

There are multiple Tomoloo boards, all of which are good, but the one I will be talking about is the cheapest one. The Tomoloo board is a very good quality premium board just like all the others, but comes at a very low cost. It is still UL 2272 certified just like the others, so you don’t need to worry about it lighting on fire. Its performance is a tiny bit worse, wit ha max speed of 8 mph and a range of 12 miles, but they had to cut something to lower the cost.

A pro to having slightly lower performance is size and weight. The Tomoloo only weighs 23 pounds. Which is still a little heavy to lug around, if you need to carry it will be easier then the other. With smaller size comes smaller wheels, and the Tomoloo only has 6.5 inch wheels. Although smaller so less good for rough terrain, they are still easily large enough to be used on normal roads with cracks and imperfections.

A nice feature to the Tomoloo is that it has RGB lighting. This means you can customize the lighting to be whatever color you want. It doesnt really have any benefits, but its still a really cool feature to have, especially when most things RGB is a premium that adds cost, and this is already a cheaper hoverboard.


-8 mph top speed (12.8 kph)

-12 mile range (19 km)

-UL 2272 Certified

-264 lb max carry weight (119.7)

-6.5 inch wheels (16.5 cm)

-Special App with Bluetooth connection to customize settings

-23 lb weight (10.4 kg)

TOMOLOO on Amazon

Best Off Road & High Speed Hoverboard – Swagtron T6

Swagtron T6

The Swagtron T6 is one of the fastest hoverboards. It goes 12 mph and has a range of 12 miles. It has large 10 inch air-filled tubeless tires, meaning you don’t need to worry about damaging them off roading. It has a max carry capacity of 420 lb’s, so its a very durable build. Like everything else on my list, it is UL 2272 certified. It has its own custom App and is connected by Bluetooth. It even has speakers for playing music built in. By being one of the strongest fastest and most durable hoverboards, it comes in at a heavy weight of 32 lb’s. This is a little heavy, but it does have a built in carry handle in between the two feet, which helps to carry it around if you need to.


-12 mph (19 kph)

-12 mile max range (19 km)

-UL 2272 Certified

-420 lb max carry weight (190 kg)

-10 inch wheels (25 cm)

-Special App with Bluetooth connection to customize settings

-Built in Bluetooth speaker

-32 lb weight (14.5 kg)

-Built in carry handle

-Front and rear lights for use at night.

Swagtron T6 on Amazon


There are many more hoverboards, but I feel like these 3 fill any role you could need your board to fill. The Tomoloo is cheap and has everything you could want from a hoverboard. The Swagtron T6 costs more but gives a bit better performance in max speed and range, while being larger and better for off roading. The Segway MiniPRO is the most expensive, but also gives excellent performance while having the smoothest and easiest ride, making it a great commuter. For more reviews on electronic travel products check out our page Electronic Travel Reviews.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions comment below, and if you found this useful feel free to share.

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